Niunio is a new, emerging entity on the market of kids’ footwear. Shoes sold in Niunio are created to be timeless and classical. The shop will conduct its sales both in physical outlets and Internet. How should the brand be characterised? A bit infantile, but more importantly trustworthy and professional, as its communication will be mainly aimed at young mums. 

Case study

We started our work on the project from creating a logotype. The lettering style was especially designed for the purposes of this task, which makes it unique and exceptional. Our main inspiration was calligraphy. Thanks to the differentiated thickness of lines we managed to achieve effect of writing with flat nib. Such shaping gave this proposal a touch of femininity, elegance and softness. It connects modernity with classics, which makes it fit perfectly in the brand’s personality. In addition to the logotype, a symbol was created in the form of a teddy bear, inspired by kids’ drawings. The teddy itself is very simplistic, adorned only with marker-like texture.